About Dr Nita Mukherjee

Nita Mukherjee, writer, editor, social historian and biographer, is the founder-director of Mukherjee KnowledgeWare Association, a non-profit organisation engaged in knowledge creation and dissemination. A PhD from Mumbai University and post-doctoral fellow of the UGC (1971-74), she worked with ICICI until 1996 in which position she edited the International Journal of Development Banking. Since then, she has done qualitative research on a wide range of subjects like process documentation of post-quake rehabilitation by government (in Maharashtra) and by NGOs (in Gujarat), impact of technology on work, and socio-economic impact of industries. Her consulting assignments include offering advice on setting up corporate archives, creating and organising oral history records, and providing training in process documentation. She is consulting editor of Moneylife, a personal finance fortnightly.

Among the recent books authored/edited by her are:
Remembering My Father Cooverji H Bhabha by Rati Bhabha Forbes (2010). 
Kadam Kadam Mazil Ki Or: An Autobiography of VO Somani (Ed. Dr Nita Mukherjee) (2011).
Voices from the Inner Courtyard: The Music of Rajasthan & the Life of Leela Somani (2012);
Light and Shade in Life’s Glade by Tara Bhadbhade, (Ed. Dr Nita Mukherjee) (2013);
Healing the Body Touching the Heart: The Life & Times of Dr LM Sanghvi (2014)
Silver Paintings by Himmat Shah (Text Dr Nita Mukherjee) (2015)


Unknown said...

This is a laudable effort and has the potential to develop into a valuable resource for those interested in preserving, interpreting, analysing historical records and bringing out studies that weave social, political and economic issues of the time seamlessly. Dr Nita Mukherjee's works represent such an effort maintaining highest professional standards. congratulations on your new endeavour.

Gupta said...

I am a former student of respected Dr. Sanghvi. Where can I find the book - Healing the Body Touching the Heart: The Life & Times of Dr LM Sanghvi?

Ramesh Gupta