Wednesday, 3 August 2016

An Introduction to this Blog

This blog is about sharing some of my experiences in using archival resources for building narratives while writing biographies or histories of organisations.

Sometimes, just the presence of an object – an artefact or a letter – can trigger a search that can add an entirely new dimension to the narrative. The archivist organises the information about the object, or the resource; the historian contextualises the resources and, through research, provides the narrative.


Dipal Bhagde said...

Looking forward to the insights!

Harsha Parekh said...

I believe that basically, an archive is a collection of objects (including documents) related to an individual, institution or event. The archivist collects, preserves and organises them so that the items may be used by the historians. In the process, (s)he also creates an appropriate description. Unfortunately the role of the archive and archivist are not understood very well in our society.
Starting a blog on this issue is therefore a valuable contribution. Congratulations !

Unknown said...

The Blog is the great step to understand certain historical events, which also have personal importance to the researcher. It was good to learn about the BRICK and about the accomplishments of your father.