Healing the Body Touching the Heart: The Life & Times of Dr LM Sanghvi

Released to commemorate his birth centenary, this biography discusses the values imbibed by Dr LM Sanghvi that had a profound influence in his practice of medicine. Known as the father of cardiology in Rajasthan, Dr Sanghvi was the first member of the Digambar Jain community to have qualified for MRCP, London. Brought up in a pol in Ahmedabad, he imbibed the values of community service. He left home after school because going for Western medical education was against the tenets of the religion of his family. He funded his entire medical education through scholarships due to his brilliant academic performance that culminated in his winning the Duncan Medal at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in 1939 and completing his MRCP in 1939, in 18 months instead of the average of three years that most students took.

He gave up his established private practice and a government (then British Government) job at the JJ Hospital Bombay in 1941 and took up a job with the then Maharaja of Bikaner. Even from the early years of medical practice, he displayed a spirit of public service, was interested in knowledge creation and sharing. After the formation of Rajasthan in 1950, he chose to work for the government as it offered him a teaching position at the nascent SMS Medical College in Jaipur. He retired as the Principal of the College in 1971.

Post-retirement, he chose to work with a charitable clinic that provided the complete range of medical services under one roof, especially for needy patients. Known for his clinical acumen, he would not advise any unnecessary investigations and his prescriptions were brief. He was often referred to as the ‘do goliwaale doctor saheb’ (the doctor who gave only two pills) all over Rajasthan. Till date, his students fondly recall how he inculcated in them a deep concern for the patient and advised them, until his last days in the first decade of the 21st century, to shun the commercialisation of medical practice and research.

Book Review by Harmony India
Publisher: Mukherjee KnowledgeWare Association, Mumbai, 2014
ISBN 978-93-5174-211-1

The Bliss of Being Blessed 07
Medical Service to Healthcare Industry 17
Growing up in a Pol 39
Preparing for a Life of Service to Humanity 59
Early Career: Bombay to Bikaner 93
Karmabhoomi Jaipur 125
Lessons for Life 169

Students Remember
1. My Guru: Dr CP Dalvi 177
2. A True Mentor: Dr Abdul Hakim 181

Dr LM Sanghvi: Published Research 186
Milestones 190

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